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Trust Services

Iowa Savings Bank (ISB) provides trust services, including services as a corporate trustee. ISB as your corporate trustee provides:

  • Accountable and Reliable Service
    Our Bonded Team of Trust Professionals provide many services for the trust. We track trust assets, pay bills, make required filings, make trust distributions, insure assets, and perform bookkeeping duties. We take care of the daily issues of trust management.

  • Continuity
    No matter how you and your family circumstance change, you can trust that ISB will be there as a steadying influence. ISB has been in continuous existance since 1902.

  • Peace of Mind
    Having an impartial, corporate trustee eliminates - the burden to family or friends of managing a trust strain between a family trustee and family beneficiaries resentment or allegations of favoritism between beneficiaries.

  • Professional Asset Management
    Our team of professional trust attorneys have a track record of sound investment and strong management of properties, particularly farm properties.

We also provide services as a co-trustee, to assist individual Trustees, and as a trust/investment manager for individual Trustees. Contact us to see how we can assist you in reaching your goals.

Meet our Trust Professionals

Photo Name Job Title Bio
Michel Nelson, J.D. Sr. Vice President Read Bio
Ann L. A. Menzel, J.D. Asst. Vice Pres. & Trust Officer Read Bio
Jenni Middleton Executive Asst.-Trust