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Real Estate Loans

Our real estate and home loan offerings are designed to offer you flexible terms and competitive costs. We service all our home loans, which means we’re with you every step of the way—from the time you fill out your loan application to the very last mortgage payment you make.


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Our experienced real estate and home loan officers have the knowledge to help you navigate through all your growing processes—whether you’re buying a starter home, renovating a fixer-upper or refinancing your dream home. A mortgage is a big deal - so if you're considering buying a home in the near future, here are some things to think about. Your credit is crucial and is the foundation of the home loan process. Know your credit score and work to build sound credit. Understand your debt to income ratio and how your payments are relative to your income. Feel free to run your own mortgage calculations to understand what you might be able to afford.

Types of Mortgage Loans

Conventional, fixed rate loans

  • 15, 20 and 30 year terms
  • As little as 3% down payment (restrictions apply)
  • First-time homebuyer programs available for eligible borrowers

Government loans

  • FHA, VA and Rural Development loans

In-house loans

  • 10 year, fully amortized loans
  • Balloon loans (up to 30 year amortization)
  • Home construction loans