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Estate & Probate

Iowa Savings Bank (ISB) offers Estate and Probate Administration. By using ISB as your Executor, may save your friends and family much of the pain and heartache of winding up your final affairs.


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If you're seeking estate planning here are some of the services ISB provides:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Having an impartial executor who is familiar with the process: Eliminates the burden on family or friends during the time of mourning
  • Reduces potential for family friction
  • Provides a reliable, available, neutral source for implementing your final wishes

Knowledgeable, Accountable, and Reliable Expertise

Our Bonded Team of professional attorneys are able to maneuver through the probate system, file the necessary documents, and hire the appropriate team of professionals to ease the process. ISB will track down estate assets, value assets, pay final expenses, work to minimize tax consequences, and distribute proceeds efficiently.