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Statement of Condition

We are a bank. A bank functioning in different ways. We believe it is important first of all to serve the needs of our customers whether it be as a safe haven for their funds or as a source of funds for public, business, family and personal needs. Our history, our record, and our bank statement which follows are a reflection of our mission.


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Condensed Statement of Condition Iowa Savings Bank - December 31, 2018

Cash and Due from Banks $9,528,013.93
U.S. Treasury & Agency Securities $9,230,501.24
Other Bonds and Investments $33,743,147.54
Total Loans and Leases $139,948,481.81
Bank Premises and Fixtures $2,830,506.94
Other Assets $2,699,020.11
     TOTAL ASSETS $197,979,671.57
Total Deposits $177,421,555.19
Other Liabilities $496,726.80
     TOTAL LIABILITIES $177,918,281.99
Capital Stock $1,567,000.00
Surplus $3,426,000.00
Undivided Profits $13,307,181.89
Loan Loss Reserve $2,405,517.54
Unrealized Gain on Available for Sale Securities ($644,309.85)
     TOTAL CAPITAL FUNDS $20,061,389.58