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Crop & Livestock Loans

Crop & Livestock Loans are financing borrowed funds for crops and livestock on the farm and paid back over time. The funds can be used to finance livestock expenses and annual crops, including any of the following:

  • Planting costs
  • Harvesting costs
  • Pasture maintenance
  • Crop storage
  • Livestock facilities

If you have any sort of crop or livestock expense that you need help making possible, contact us today to learn more about our Crop & Livestock Loans. We do our possible best to support our local farming operations.


Loan Officers

Photo Name Job Title Location Phone Email NMLS ID
Brad Woodard Loan Officer Coon Rapids 712-999-2271 Email 1610693
Chad Leighty Vice President/
Branch Manager
Coon Rapids 712-999-2271 Email 780927
Scott Monical Senior Vice President Carroll 712-792-9772 Email 780929
John Grundmeier Senior Vice President Carroll 712-792-9772 Email 780924